Wednesday, January 5, 2011

He Who Shall Not Be Named, Etc.

Eliza Grace's big ticket Christmas gift was the Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts kit. I thought Will's motorized AT-AT Walker was a big kit, but Hogwarts had even more pieces and three really thick building books.
Eliza Grace announced that she was going to build the entire kit all by herself and that no one was to help her. Fine by me!

It took her a little over a week, mostly because she worked on it for hours at a time for several days, then got burned out and took a couple days off. Don't blame her one bit.
This thing has some serious detail. Moving stairs. Revolving platforms. Sliding doors. Even a chicken for the table in the dining hall.

Boo Slytherin. Yeah Gryffindor!
Watch out Harry and Filch, there's a Dementor on the roof!
{Spoken in pretentious British school girl accent} "It's in your blood, Harry. See? Your father was a seeker, too!"
This particular kit is especially popular because of the large amount of mini-figures that come with it.
The Hogwarts staff.
Hermione, Harry and Ron.
Wait a minute. Did you notice something strange about Ron?

Oh that's right. One of the biggest complaints about this kit is that it does not include Ron. Never fear, Obi Wan Kenobi's body and Luke Skywalker's head (and some other dude's hair) with red paper taped on top will do the trick!
The kit also does not include that certain white-haired boy that we all love to hate. This time a Star Wars Clone body with Luke Skywalker's hair brings the infamous Draco Malfoy to life.
Look at him just standing there with Filch and, wait, who is that? It's Val...I mean, He who shall not be named!
Eeewww. Does he have green lips?
Watch out Harry! Hop on that Nimbus 2000 and get out of there!
Continuing in the Harry Potter vein, Eliza Grace and I have been working on her Harry Potter-themed cake for her 9th birthday celebration this weekend. If you want to know how to make a golden snitch out of fondant and edible sparkly dust, lemme know!

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