Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I See You

For the past 3+ years I have been able to monitor Will while at day care via in-room cameras. It has given me some sense of peace to be able to visually check on him throughout the day.

When he started going to daycare at 18 months old it helped me with the guilt. I would keep the video feed in the background on my screen nearly all day. I would watch him nap on his little mat and toddle around playing with his teachers and friends.

These days it is more about making sure he is behaving.

Much to his dismay, I occasionally call him on certain things I have seen during the day. Every time he looks a little confused and then he glances at his teachers, at which point I say, "They did not tell me, I saw you. "Arg," he moans, "I forget about the cameras!"

One time he actually met me at the door of his classroom with tears in his eyes. "I know you saw me and I said I was sorry." Little did he know I had missed the offense to which he was confessing.

I have to admit that I will miss the video feed when he starts Kindergarten in July.

But something tells me that he won't.

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