Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"You Are Working Here? Now?"

Will is at home with a fever today. I am letting him play Wii while I work. Here is a conversation we had a few minutes ago.

Will: "Mommy, want to play Wii with me?"

Me: "No, Will, I can't right now. I'm at work."

Will: "You are working?"

Me: "Yes."

Will: "Here?"

Me: "Yes."

Will: "Now?"

Me: "Yes."

Will: "How can you be at work here?"

Me: "I can work where ever I have my computer, high speed internet and a telephone, hon."

Will: "That's shrange." (he pronounces strange as shrange.)

Me: "Well it sure is convenient, isn't it?"

Will: "Not if you can't play Wii."

He has a point.

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