Friday, August 19, 2011

Flashback Friday - Our Little Man

Back in early 2005 I uttered the following words to Scott in a fit of parental frustration: "Why would anyone who has ever had a three year old willingly have another child?!"

I think God took that as a dare. A few weeks later I realized that we were expecting baby number two.

Scott was a bit obtuse when I tried to tell him.

I was cooking dinner - Eliza Grace underfoot - and he asked me why I did not sell the toddler push car yet. I kept saying, "I'll tell you later." He kept asking, "Why can't you tell me now?" I told him, " We might need it." "For what?!" he asked. I told him, "I'm barefoot...I'm in the kitchen...."

He just stared at me.

"Oohhhhh." Yea, that finally got through to him.

32 weeks later Will arrived with the support of a lovely epidural, thank you Lord Jesus.

I was nervous about being a mother to a son. Why I have no idea. He is our silly, adorable, sensitive, crazy, smart, funny, sweet little man and we all just love him so.

Wouldn't be long now. I was low and large.
Eliza Grace wanted to hug the baby.
Did I mention I was large?
November 23, 2005: William Foster Hughes
8 lbs, 8oz, 22 inches...

and a slightly broken collar bone 
First visit with Grandmommy
Getting ready to head home
"I pity the fool!" (Because he has that Mr. T look...
except he doesn't have a mohawk... and he's a baby...and he's white. But other than that....)
Male bonding
Proud big sister

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