Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Will's Daily Farewell Address

Man, I love my little boy. I especially love that he is not yet at the age where he gets shy or embarrassed about giving me kisses, hugs and/or telling me he loves me when in public.

His daily goodbyes at the bus stop are a great example of this. The other parents get a kick out of his long and repetitive farewell as he boards the bus each day. Sometimes he tells me to "have fun at work" but I especially love that he tells me to "make good choices, Mommy" - the same advice I give him each day. It is a good reminder for both of us!

Not to be outdone, Eliza Grace has on occasion chimed in with, "Don't get fired, Mom." Gee, thanks sweetie.

I love this little ritual so much that I captured today's on video, which was actually a little shorter than usual:

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