Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Age of School Projects Begins

Eliza Grace is at the age in which school projects have entered our vocabulary.

Her first official 4th grade project was to make a 3-D map of the state of North Carolina.  It had to include elevations, textures, a compass rose, title, key and other notations including places of interest, cities, lakes, rivers, historic sites, etc.

The hard part about these kinds of things from a parent's perspective is letting your child do the project on his/her own. It's hard to keep from jumping in and directing.  But I can honestly say that, aside from some minor help from Scott and me, Eliza Grace did this on her own using items found around the house and yard to embellish. She did a great job!

The State of North Carolina.
The Mountain Region - with needles from a Juniper tree.
The Piedmont Region- with moss from the back yard.
The Coastal Plain Region  - with Italian Bread crumbs from the pantry.

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