Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Traveling Through EPCOT

On this day of world traveling we...
Danced with and hugged Chip and Dale

Had a steak lunch at Le Cellier in Canada
Stopped to get autographs from Brer Fox and others on our way to Morocco
And gave Baloo a good back scratch
Then snuggled up to Pluto
Posed with the Country Bears
And played around with Tigger and Pooh in the United Kingdom

(Tigger is apparently quite the artist!  In addition to his autograph, he drew each of the kids a picture in their books!)

Took a "KidCot" break to do some coloring in air conditioned Germany
And said a couple of "Oles" with Donald in Mexico. 
Hint: if you tell Donald that you like him better than Mickey, you get quite a reception!

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