Thursday, September 29, 2011

From Younglings to Padawans

I think the kids would say the best thing they did on our Disney trip was the Jedi Training Academy. I completely agree!

As you can see, they were a little excited.
They were supplied with Padawan robes and "training" light sabers.
The Jedi Master had them take an oath to use their powers only in self-defense and then he walked them through a "fighting" routine.
Then there was a disturbance in the force and you know who showed up!

Each Youngling had a chance to test their skills against Lord Vader.  Will did a great job avoiding Vader's saber!
Eliza Grace sort of forgot about the whole "no attack" oath and went after Vader with a vengeance.  The Jedi Master and the crowd were highly entertained and Vader escaped without too much damage.
After she finished her routine she struck this pose.  HILARIOUS!  Girl was serious about it.
Here's some video of the fun.
My favorite part is when Vader tells Will that he will bring him to the Dark Side. The Jedi Master tells Will to tell Vader no, but instead Will screams "NEVER!!!" Dude got into it and it was adorable!

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Kris said...

love it! i think that's the same jedi master jack had almost two years ago. the best memory of disney for him. by far.