Sunday, January 8, 2012

Today She Is 10!

Ten years ago today Scott and I became parents.  The first time I held Eliza Grace in my arms, the only thing I kept thinking was, "I'm a mommy! Finally!"

Welcome to double digits and happy, happy birthday to our sweet, smart, beautiful daughter!


The birthday girl chose to have a party at The Scrap Exchange in Durham. The kids had a great time creatively finding ways to turn trash into treasures. They also enjoyed the mint chocolate chip/chocolate cake ice cream cake!

Eliza Grace picked out her cute party outfit. Accessory gifts from Grandmommy and Aunt Michelle added just the right touch!
 Seriously? How cute is she??

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Beth in NC said...

How exciting! I didn't know you were a Sister Blogger! Woo hoo! I am too (when I get time!).

I agree, she looks adorable!

(If you ever visit my blog, please never mention my daughter's name or our location on my blog. Thanks!)

Love in Him!