Monday, February 20, 2012

An Evening With His Blue-Eyed Girl

I had to leave early so Will was the official family
photographer this evening.  He did a great job!
Our American Heritage Girls Troop NC1230 held a Daddy-Daughter dinner and dance last Saturday night.  

We even had a photographer who took great pictures when the fathers and daughters arrived.
(photo credit: Debra Richardson)
Seeing fathers and daughters in this kind of setting always stirs the deepest of warm fuzzies in me.   The troop leaders helped the girls create homemade rose-shaped boutonnieres for their dads!

I was helping out with the set up, food prep, serving, etc. so I was able to spy on Scott and Eliza Grace on and off during the evening and I managed to get a few iPhone pictures.
This is not all that different from what it
looks like when Scott and I dance together :) 
From what I could tell, they had a wonderful time. Eliza Grace later confirmed my assessment when she said it was even more fun than the super fancy Father-Daughter dance they attended last year with their Y Princesses tribe!
Love them so much.  I really do.

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Beth in NC said...

I'm so glad it went well! I love the photos. My little one and hubby attended a dance just before Valentine's. I had already purchased tickets before AHG. They had such a great time too.

I often remind my husband that if he woos our daughter, she won't feel the need to find that type of love elsewhere.

Bless you!