Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Way To Mommy & Daddy's Hearts

Apparently our children know quite well the way to their parents' hearts.

Scott and I received homemade Valentines this evening from both our little cherubs. They both landed on similar themes.
Eliza Grace included a list of "gift certificates" for Scott which included what is shown above:
  • 1 free one hour nap
  • 1 free two hour nap
  • 1 yell-free day (meaning the kids would not yell/scream/fight for a day)
  • 1 free car wash for his new truck
Will also gave me a card with little chits for what is nearest and dearest to my heart:
He cut to the chase and just made three "fre nap" certificates that never expire.

Are we complete old farts who just talk about how much we just want to take a nap every weekend?  Why yes, yes we are!

You can bet I plan to whip out one of my "fre naps" chits this coming Saturday afternoon.  Here's hoping!

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