Friday, May 18, 2012

Almost Time For A Kindergarten Farewell

Will's last day of kindergarten is coming soon. 

It really has gone so very fast. I say that every year. And every year it is true.

Mrs. Germano and her assistant, Mrs. McPhail, have been the most wonderful teachers.  I am pretty sure that Mrs. Germano told Will she loved him every single day, even when he was scolded, even when he was praised.  What he has learned from her, far above and beyond the reading, writing and arithmetic, is that an adult, someone outside of his family, loves him, cares for him and expects the best for and out of him.

It's a priceless gift.

The past couple of weeks have been full of end of the year activities. First, they had their annual kindergarten show. That's Will in the Carolina blue polo shirt on the top riser with all the tall kids.

Suffice it to say, I was never, ever on the top riser.  

I was always, ALWAYS on the bottom riser.  Sigh.


In the show, Will was one of three cool mice.
He was a little shy.
And his left shoelace was untied.
But he sure looked cute up there!
Here's a quick 94 seconds of the show:
(Ok, seriously, how cute was that little Anaise
-white dress, front row?
That girl is destined for Broadway!)

Anyhoo, a week later his class had a family ice cream social and each student received a personalized book with pictures from throughout the school year.
Then Mrs. Germano presented them with a Kindergarten Certificate of Completion :)  She also told the children that she would, in fact, be hugging and kissing each and every one of them.
She also thanked the parents for sharing their children with her and then she teared up and could not talk.  Which of course set me to boohooing as well!

Only two more weeks and my baby will be a first grader!

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