Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our First Official AHG Camporee! Part 2

Here are some more highlights from our recent Camporee:

Setting up and organizing under the shelter.
Males, naturally gravitating to fire
Females, naturally gravitating to meal prep
Chow line
Hobo packs ready to be put on the fire (ground beef patty, carrots, onions, potatoes, grape tomatoes, seasoning, and a bit of water, wrapped in tinfoil)
Cooking the hobo packs
Cleaning up
Schmellows on fire!
Weekend buddies
My little Explorer
Fire safety session
Taking a break to blow bubbles
Archery session

First aid/wound care session.  Learning how to apply pressure to stop the bleeding. (This Dad is also an ER MD and brought a training leg, complete with squirting fake blood!)
Eliza Grace with her fake wound, helping to simulate a bear attack!  She even got carried out in a home made litter.
Paracord survival bracelet making session. It was at this point that Eliza Grace fell asleep sitting up :)
Group photo!

AHG Troop NC 1230
The flag lowering ceremony on Saturday night was conducted by our troop.  They asked for a volunteer to say a prayer before we dismissed. 

My little girl took a knee and prayed a beautiful prayer.  I love how easy and honest she is in her faith.

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