Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I've had a lovely weekend.

North Carolina's weather seems to have fully committed to Spring and we have had both plenty of rain and warm sunshine.

On Saturday evening, I took a quick drive over to Winston-Salem to have dinner with my Mother and my three sisters so we could celebrate Mother's day together.  
Mom, Dawn, Heidi and Me in a blurry iPhone pic.

We forgot to take a picture at the restaurant and when we finally remembered to take one, Kelly had already left :(  

Trey was too far away to join us but he was there in spirit! 

We had good food and lots of laughs, which was just what we all needed.

Mother's Day Sunday began with breakfast in bed, which was very nice, despite the fact that Will and Eliza Grace ate my toast and Chewie nearly upended the whole thing when he jumped on the bed.  Scott's omelet was divine, as always.

After church I used my "1 hour nap" coupon given to me by Eliza Grace.


Scottie made his fabulous bread and grilled steaks for dinner.  I prepared a salad straight from our garden and we had watermelon for dessert.

And just when I thought the day couldn't get much better, I was told it was time for the show.

Eliza Grace had written a song for me and got her brother to run the props.

Will had prepared a little something as well.  My shy guy offered something short and sweet.

Definitely feeling the love today.

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