Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cruise to Hawaii - Kauai!

We arrived in Nawiliwili harbor on Kaua'i a little after sunrise.
Once again we rented a car and headed out to see the sites. 
We had been on the road about 5 minutes when I looked at my GPS and saw this:
Scott and I have quoted a single line from Honeymoon in Vegas for a couple of decades. "Is that Kapa-a or Kapa-a-a?" Finally, we were in Kapaa!

Our first stop was to a local park to wander and let the kids run around a bit. 

Eliza Grace took over photography duties and found beautiful flowers and lots of birds.

It seems that Kauai is home to a large number of free roaming chickens. 

They were everywhere.  

I mean every where we went. 

Chickens.  Like they owned the island.
The story we were told was that around 15+ years ago damage from a hurricane freed a bunch of chickens from a farm and ever since they have been given free reign around the island.
 After the park, we visited Wailua Falls.

 Gorgeous scenery, flora and fauna.

Next we made a quick stop at the Koloa Rum Company tasting room and store.

At this point, we were ready to do a little relaxing so we headed to the Marriott Kaua'i Beach Club in Lihue.

Now this is what I envisioned a resort in Hawaii to look like!

We got a room for the afternoon and spent the next couple of hours enjoying the grounds and pools and a room with a full sized shower!

The hotel lobby was beautiful.
Eliza Grace could have spent days hanging out with the Koi fish.
She also spent some up close and personal time with some Nenes, a native Hawaiian goose that is on the endangered species list.
For lunch we headed to the famous Duke's restaurant on property. Sure it was touristy, but the food was really good and you couldn't beat the view.
After our filling lunch we wandered around the property, changed into our bathing suits and hit the pools.

Will then took over camera duties and got some nice shots around the resort as we headed back to the ship.

We all really liked Kaua'i and decided that if we ever went back to Hawaii, we would stay on Kaua'i.

Now on to Maui...

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