Friday, September 25, 2015

Cruise to Hawaii -We're in Maui

Maui greeted us with an amazing double rainbow, which told us that this island would be little different from the others - there would be rain.  Oh yes, there would be rain.
I know you can't have a tropical environment without some significant wetness, but we were not really expecting rain every single day, at any given minute, even as - and especially when - the sun is shining. We looked forward to getting on the ship at the end of every port day so we could feel dry.  Irony.
I grabbed a quick shot of the kids in front of the ship as we began our adventures on Maui.  Hawaiian haze of mist per the usual.
We grabbed our rental and headed to the west side of the island. 

While nearly everyone else was winding along the road to Hana and Haleakala National Park, we chose to go the opposite direction and visit the historic whaling town of Lahaina.
If you looked east, you could not see the tops of the mountains due to the clouds and rain.
But looking west, it was blue skies and sunshine - thank goodness!
We were pretty sure that island out there was Lanai.
Lahaina was a typical touristy kind of town and, since we're not big shoppers, we didn't stay long.

We did do, however, the two most important things we wanted to do while there.

First, the kids finally got to have some shave ice!
Needless to say, it was well received.

Next we visited the famous Lahaina Banyan Tree.  It reminded us a lot of the Angel Oak on John's Island, SC and it was quite the sight.
But the main goal on Maui was snorkeling, so we drove down the road a bit to Kaanapali Beach, grabbed our rented gear, and hit the water.

The strength of the current was significant and the drop off from the shore was pretty quick and steep, so it took a little getting used to. 

The coral and sea life were beautiful, much more so than our video below provides.

All I kept thinking while we were in the water was, "We're snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Maui!"  

Also, trust me when I say the newer, dry mouth snorkels are the only way to go.  I also highly recommend getting a GoPro camera.  It's so simple to use and works so well in the underwater case.

Here is some live action of our fun!
(It's only 3 1/2 minutes so you won't get too motion sick from my videography skills...or lack there of!)

Will also did some boogie boarding.
And then, as it always happens after a couple of hours at the beach, the kids crashed on the drive back to the port.
Next - and final stop - Oahu!

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