Monday, September 21, 2015

Cruise to Hawaii - Vancouver and Embarkation Day!

We made it to Vancouver with no hiccups and, despite being warned that it would be hard to find a taxi large enough to fit the four of us and all our luggage, we found a taxi van right away and headed to our hotel by the harbour.

We stayed at the Pinnacle Hotel Vancouver Harbourfront, which was walking distance to the port.
We arrived before check in time so we lounged around the lobby area waiting for our room to be ready because we were exhausted.
Once we had checked in, we took a walk around the area and found a nice place to grab a bite to eat - a brew pub of course - right along the water front.
 The views were spectacular!

Since we had been up since way before dawn on the east coast, we all crashed at 7:30PM Pacific time and slept until 6:30AM the next morning.

But, finally, it was embarkation day!  The kids were ready to go bright and early.
After breakfast, we hefted our backpacks once again, each grabbed a 50 pound rolling suitcase, and starting walking through the streets of Vancouver.
 Don't you just love Scott's backpack with the Minnie Mouse luggage tag?
10 minutes later, we saw her - the Disney Wonder!
We were a wee bit early so we sat on some benches along the pier, did some people watching, and took some pictures.
Finally it was time to check in.

Once we had our key cards and registered Will for the kids program, there was only one thing left to do before we boarded: get a picture with Mickey, of course!

A quick family pic before we board!
Here's how the rest of embarkation went:
(and yes, I was the videographer, so you might need some motion sickness meds.  Not sure why anyone ever let's me run the video camera!)

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