Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, dear Scottie!

Yes, that's right. Scott has finally caught up with me. For 4 months and 2 days each year I am subjected to taunting from my "younger" man. But alas, I am free now until December, when once again my age and therefore my wisdom (heehee) surpasses that of my hubby.

And now, Stefan Scott Hughes through the ages:

Such a cute, not-so-wee little man, circa 1969

Summer of '88 and, little did I know, my first look at my future husband.
Ah, wedded bliss - 1993!

I think this was Scott's first time on horse back - Utah, 2000

Exploring Ireland a few days after learning we were expecting Eliza Grace, 2001
Daddy for the first time! 2002

Daddy for the second time! 2005
Pretty popular guy around here, 2008

Happy birthday, Scott. We love you and hope you have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Scott!!!

Much love always,
Nisha Scott, Saffron, Bellatrix (YES those are the fury babies names- for real!)

Anonymous said...

Hope it was happy.While you are fooling around with a blog, we would like to hear from you once in awhile. You know, we get older and more feeble every day. This dumb blog just screws up my old computer. Aunt Mary