Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sing hallelujah, the spring sandal search is over!

Ok, a little background first.

Last spring, I began in earnest a search for the perfect fitting, perfect looking, perfectly comfortable sandal to last me through all three seasons of sandal wearing that we enjoy here in North Carolina.

I wanted something that could go from day time to night time, from the home office to the corporate office, something that would work with jeans, shorts, or dress slacks. I realize this is a lot to expect from one style of shoe, but I was determined.

Of course, I was searching with an economic eye, thus I began my search at Payless - nothing remotely hitting 2 of the 3 requirements I placed on a sandal. However, I grabbed these plastic flops to use at the pool from the $4 bin - score!

Onward to Target (my home away from home). The adult sandals? Well, they ranged from "4 inch heel, kill your feet" to "dime store hooker" to "crunchy granola." The sad thing is that some of the children's sandals were adorable and if they made them in a women's size 8, I would have bought more than one pair.

Sports shoe stores? Nothing dressy enough but I did end up with these crocs:
I tried to buy the traditional crocs but they made my feet look ridiculous so I settled for the irritating "between-the-toe" version. They work for home and beach, but not so much for the office. Sigh.

Then it was onto the Web. I spent weeks searching on and off and finally thought I had found something that would work. They were more than I wanted to spend but I figured, if I can really wear them every way I need and they last a few years, then perhaps it was worth it.

And so 9 days later, I received my Agnes designer sandals:
See those scratches in the leather all over the front of the shoe? Yeah, that happened in the first 5 minutes I wore them outside.
And see that back strap that is supposed to help the sandal stay on? Yeah, that was too loose to actually stay on my heel so it lived along the bottom of the shoe.
And see the really great arch support? No? Me neither, so really not such a comfortable shoe. A complete waste of $50+.

But, oh my sisters, I have hit the JACKPOT this year! Thanks to my wonderful, really cheap thrifty bargain hunting husband, I finally have my cake and get to eat it too.

Ahhhh (envision a Vanna White like sweeping of the hand and an angelic chorus sweetly singing in the background)...behold, the Ariat Reyes sandal in Brown:

They are everything I could ever ask for in a sandal. Soft, buttery leather, Ariat's "exclusive ATS technology that cushions and supports my midsole," enough of a heel to push me over 5'3", and best of all $52.03 + free shipping. Squee! I love you Sierra Trading Post.

I. am. so. happy.

So much so that I did what any smart woman would do:
I bought the exact same pair in black :)

(And yes, I have already scheduled an appointment for a much needed pedicure - but not soon enough - yikes!)

So tell me, have you made your spring sandal purchase this year? I am still open for other great looking deals out there!

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Anonymous said...

You crack me up!!!!!! Love the shoes...I already have the same car...do you mind about the shoes? Tell Scottie Happy LATE Birthday from us!!!! Love you-Dawn