Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A quick trip to the beach

Last week we spent a few days at Myrtle Beach.

(Future football player:
hut one, hut two, hike, hike, hike)

I had not been there in decades.
Yikes - am I really old enough to claim I have not been somewhere in decades??
But I digress.
(Fun in the sun and sand)
It was nice to get away.
I was surprised that it was a relatively short car ride ~ 3.5 hours
We did not even bother stopping the entire trip home...except for the time we had to return to the hotel when I realized 15 minutes into the drive that I could not find my cell phone.
But I digress again.
(Flying a 'copter at Broadway at the Beach)

Nice things from the trip:
- Will did not wake up calling for me during the night any of the 3 nights AND he did not fall out of the bed he shared with daddy.
-The last night we all fell asleep around 9:15pm and we all simultaneously awoke at 7am.
We are talking (with the exception of the middle of the night potty run) 10 hours of sleep here people!! I do not remember the last YEAR I slept 10 hours in a row - so nice!
So sad how the "nice" items all revolved around sleep.
But once again, I digress.

(EG at Broadway on the Beach)
Not so nice things from the trip:
- it was really cold and windy 50% of the time
-the indoor pools were really not warm enough on the coldest days. In fact, Will, who normally has to be dragged kicking and screaming from a pool, asked through purple chattering lips to "goa backa upastaiws, peas"
-Worst of all, we cannot locate Billy. For those of you who do not know, Billy is Will's favorite lovey.

I am SO sad.
Much more so than Will is. In fact, he is fairly unaware of the situation.
Lately, as long as the lovey has a tag on the bottom, he is good to go. (He has a tag/thumb sucking addiction thing that is really weird.)
And yet, another digression.
I have called the hotel and spoken with security and housekeeping 4 times in the past 2 days and no one has seen him/turned him in.
I had big plans to add Billy to Will's "keepsake" box.

And since I am the mom and thus responsible for remembering every single item that my family needs, has, wants or drags from place to place, the guilt is weighing very heavily.

Sorry, last digression I swear.
There were a couple of funnies:
--at one point during our trip, when Scott "expressed" his exasperation with Will's continually uncooperative behavior I had to laughingly quip, "have you been in this family long??" I mean really, when has Will be cooperative since the day he turned 2?
--We have all agreed on Will's newest nickname: "Guido" from the movie Cars ( he is my FAVORITE!)

Why Guido, you ask? Well, Will has this little habit of saying "a" (pronounced "uh") at the end of every word he says. So hea sort ofa soundsa likea he hasa fakea Italian accenta.
It. is. so. cute.He even responds to you if you call him Guido.Totally cracks us all up.

So, all in all it was nice a trip away from the daily grind. Now back to it :)


Anonymous said...

Let's see if this will post. I love the pictures.
Love, Mom

Sarah said...

Hi Q, nice to see the cute pics! i can't believe how big Will is getting and how his look has changed. we are all well here. I'd love to see you sometime. i think i might be bringing the girls down for a week in July. will keep you posted. Sarah

Anonymous said...

Hey Jacque!

Your stuff always make me laugh. We were actually at Myrtle Beach on Saturday for a wedding and we took a short little detour to the beach. Way too cold for me. I'll keep checking back to see what's going on with you guys.

Love ya, Julie

kabryan1982 said...

Jacque, the children are absolutley beautiful and growing faster than my eyes can focus.. I'm anxious to know how Gracie's year is winding down from school, I'm sure she's doing great. As for William, he's such a little man. Already for football right??? Lots of worries lol on that one. I'd love to hear from you all very soon. Feel free if you have free time to let the children give me a call thru the week after 7pm. I miss you guys very much.