Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lovin' on Lucy

Last weekend was one of those dreary, cold, rainy weekends where everyone goes a bit stir crazy.

The kids were bouncing off the walls and driving mom and dad bonkers.

But, it gave ample time for loving all over Lucy. Lucy, our 13 1/2 year old mutt extrodinaire, took it in stride.

So of course, I got out my camera to catch all the hugging and smooching.
Things started out calmly enough. Lucy is
practically asleep on her feet.
Then they started scratching her ears
Eliza Grace went for Lucy's cheek

So of course Will wanted in on the action

Then they both went in for the smooch - you
can barely see Lucy's nose in the middle

Then Will wanted just one more smooch....

...and Lucy licked his lips!

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