Thursday, January 7, 2010

Disney Trip 2009 - Best Moments

We had a great time at Walt Disney World back in mid-December. We went to the Magic Kingdom 3 times, EPCOT and Hollywood Studios twice and Animal Kingdom once and believe it or not we still did not ride every ride or see every show! We had a lot of great moments but here were some of the best:

- The big reveal: I picked Will up at pre-school wearing Minnie Mouse ears. Naturally, he asked why I was wearing them, to which I responded,"Do you want to go to Disney World today?" I wish you could have seen the look on his face because it was a perfect combination of surprise, excitement and joy! We headed to Florida about an hour later. And three minutes after that, he began asking if we were at Disney World yet.

- Crystal Palace Character breakfast with Pooh and the gang: The buffet was really good and Scott and I did our best to eat our money's worth! We chose this specific character breakfast because Will loves Eeyore and we wanted to make sure he got to see him. The bad news is that Will absolutely, positively would not look at, touch or talk to 99.9% of the costumed characters we saw. The good news is that he literally launched himself into Eeyore while calling "Hi Eeyore, hi Eeyore!" and would not let go of him for a good 2 minutes. When you see the pictures, it is evident that Will has a complete and unconditional love for Eeyore.

- Meeting the gang from "UP": UP is by far our favorite new movie of last year. Since we saw that movie, I don't think a single day has gone by where one of us has not yelled, "SQUIRREL!" and then posed for a moment. Once again, despite Will's complete love of Dug, he would not even get near any of the characters. Eliza Grace, however, had no problem and was thrilled when they lavished attention on her for a good 5 minutes. In fact, the character handler finally told them that they had to move onto the next guests! Of course, shortly thereafter, we had two talking Dug plush dolls heading to the hotel.

- Will's love of fast rides: I have said it before and I will say it again, the boy has the need for speed. We rode Big Thunder Mountain a couple of times, and rode Test Track a total of 5 times. On both rides, Will was smiling ear to ear and screaming "woo hoo" and "can we go faster?" Although he loved the Speedway cars he kept asking me to go faster and I could not get him to understand that I had the pedal to the floor!

And now for the obligatory photo glut:

Cinderella's Castle, of course
Sibling kindness while hanging out
on the train
at the Animal Kingdom

Shooting the breeze,
getting autographs with Russell, Dug,
Mr. Fredrickson and Kevin
"Hi there, my name is Dug. I have just met you and I love you."
Riding a giant ant at Hollywood Studios

Lots of Christmas trees, decorations and lights! (A tiny Eliza Grace there at the very bottom of the tree)

The Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights,
complete with "snow"

Hugs with Tigger
Tigger, bless his sweet heart, tried so hard to getWill to look at him, but Will pulled the old
"if I pretend to drink my juice he will go away" routine.
Eliza Grace offered Pooh some honey Eliza Grace and P-p-p-piglet matched! Ah, the moment he had been waiting for! that Eeyore
"This is fun!"
"Make it go faster, Mommy!"
THE Goofy & my Goofy!

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