Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Force is Strong With This One.

Yesterday we celebrated Will's 5th birthday a couple of days early (23rd is the official day!)

This was the first time he had a big party with lots of friends. Of course we had it at a bounce house place because, well, that is just what is done these days.

We bit the bullet and bought the big package where they provided everything: balloons, cake (both Star Wars themed as requested by the birthday boy), pizza, cups/plates/napkins, goody bags, and a couple of teenagers to manage the chaos and clean up of it all. All we had to do was show up with cameras and ice cream.

Aaaaaaand of course I forgot the ice cream so Scott got to run back home for the cold stuff while the kids were jumping, running and climbing like sweaty maniacs.

The party was, as expected, quite a hit and Will is very much enjoying all his new toys.

The calm before the storm as they watch the safety video.
The only pseudo-decent picture I took in the bounce rooms. (Will on the big slide). Too many kids moving way too fast.
Sweaty boy, cute smile.
And there's the eyebrow
Silliness with buddy Cooper.
Eliza Grace thinking "Mommy, please just let me eat."
Luke and Darth getting ready to battle it out.

Deep breath to blow that last one out!
Cool presents!

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