Friday, November 5, 2010

In Which I Ramble

I woke up yesterday with a swollen, itchy eyelid. Good thing I already have an appointment with the eye doctor today to try some new contacts.

Attractive, huh? Thinking I have pink eye. Do my kids have pink eye? No. How does this happen?

Apparently the lady where I get my pedicures who always "tsks" me when I decline to have my eyebrows done is on to something.

And apparently I could use a little cosmetic work around the eyes. Nearly 44 years are starting to show.

Last night Eliza Grace, who shares my love of a good back scratch, told me that she was going to build a robot that will scratch my back whenever I want it to and it would scratch just as good as she does. Then she added, "but it won't be as chatty."

We still have not finished the final details of our bathroom redo. We worked so hard for a couple of months on all our projects and now we cannot seem to get motivated to finish a simple coat of paint or hang the window treatments. I blame it on the cooler weather and the shorter days. That and we are fairly slothful.

Of the seven deadly sins, my biggest is sloth. Followed closely by gluttony and envy. Wow, I must be so much fun to be around.

I just had my 12th anniversary working for the same company.

Speaking of, I transitioned to a new role this week. This will make my third internal organizational move and job title change in three years. All my choices, mind you, but I am ready to stick somewhere for a couple of years.

My new official title? Finance Manager.

Alright, stop laughing. It's rude. Well, ok, it is pretty hysterical.

Now before you go selling your Cisco stock let me assure you that I will have absolutely no access to any financial dealings.

I will, however, help my finance operations team with their integrated communications and marketing planning and execution. That sounds way more up my alley, now doesn't it?

Eliza Grace and I take our first of two pottery classes tomorrow through the Town of Cary. We will learn to throw pots. I am sure I will share pictures of our creations once they are done.

End ramble.

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Darla said...

I vote stye over pinkeye.