Monday, November 15, 2010

'Tis the Season. Well, Close Enough.

Like so many, my favorite season/holiday to decorate for is Christmas.

I wanted to capture all the twinkling lights with my new lens that allows me to adjust the shutter speed to capture the glow of the lights without the flash making everything too bright. I am still learning to use the lens correctly, which explains why a couple pictures are a little blurry.

Let me give you the tour.

This is a view from the foyer looking at the staircase.
The staircase as you are looking up at the children's bedrooms.
Also from the foyer looking at the "bridge"
between the foyer and the dining room.The antique game table in the foyer.
A close up of the Nativity scene.
Our tree in the living room to the right of the front door.
The library table to the right of the tree holds our
collection of Nutcrackers and Santas.
This Santa & Tree was a gift from my first boss at Cisco. It fits perfectly in this little arched alcove
between the foyer and dining room.
The sideboard in the dining room.
A close up of one of the Nativity scenes on the sideboard.
I think my mother brought this back from Mexico
a couple of decades ago.
The fireplace mantel in the den.
(The print above the mantel is a winter street scene in Old Salem)
A few of my snowmen that grace the mantel.
Well, that is most of the interior holiday decorating we do each year. Next up is the outside but I think I will wait until after Thanksgiving to tackle that!

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