Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Lowcountry Style

We were blessed with the opportunity to head to Kiawah Island, SC with Grandmommy for a second time this year. This time we celebrated Thanksgiving in the Low country.

Peaceful. Slow. Laid back. Books. Bikes. Beach. These are the words that come to mind when I think about spending time on Kiawah.

We played on the beach and took a couple of long, leisurely bike rides, enjoying mid-70 temperatures most of the time

We took a quick trip to Charles Towne Landing to take in the flora and fauna.

We had a low key and yummy Thanksgiving meal and still had energy to enjoy the evening activities at Night Heron park.

We watched the nature dude feed 5 year old alligators at the Nature Center and Eliza Grace managed to beat me at checkers fair and square.

A great getaway but now back to real life!

Egrets were roosting in the lagoon in the backyard
About to take flight
Great blue herons made an appearance as well
We did a lot of bicycling. Eliza Grace wanted to wear her new scarf, hand-knitted by Grandmommy, everywhere.
Water break!
Oh how I love this face!
Running the remote control four
wheeler all over the place
This is the face of mischief!
Beautiful scenery at Charles Towne Landing
I always feel like I have stepped into a scene of
Gone With The Wind when I see the huge, stately live oaks with their Spanish moss lazing from their branches.
Speaking of live oaks, 
this one was fun to sit and climb on.
Replica of the early accommodations for the settlers.
I told Will that this was the early
American version of our no-no couch.
Reproduction of a the 17th century
cargo ship, The Adventure.

Practicing tying knots
Ta Tanka
A very smart Grandmommy who brought all the fixins' for a yummy craft to keep the kids busy while we prepped the Thanksgiving meal

Cookie/Candy Turkeys:

You need: Oreos, candy corns, chocolate icing, malted milk balls, and orange tic tacs.

1.Split the Oreos in half so that one side has no icing and the other side has all the icing (my Mom used dental floss to separate the halves.)

2. Use chocolate icing as "glue" to secure the malted milk ball in the middle of one half of the Oreo and to hold the other half of the Oreo perpendicular at the back of the first half.

3. Once the icing has set up enough, press candy corns to look like turkey feathers onto the vertical Oreo half.

4. Use icing to secure tic tac onto the front of the malted milk ball to look like the nose.
Kind of messy but fun and yummy!

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