Monday, March 21, 2011

Camp MusArt Redux

Last week Eliza Grace attended Camp MusArt's track out camp again and loved it more than ever. If you have kids in K-5th grade in the Cary/Apex area that enjoy arts & crafts and music, this is the place for them!

This time, along with daily lessons on cello, violin, piano/keyboard, guitar and recorder, they learned some Irish ditties in honor of St. Patrick's day.

We really love all of the teachers that are part of this program. They are engaging, encouraging and caring. Plus two of the teachers came up to me at the end of the week to tell me how sweet Eliza Grace is and how much they enjoyed having her there. Words every Mother loves to hear!

Now comes the part where I share video from the end-of-the-week performance.

And it is also the part where I tell you that it was hot, crowded and Will was restless and whiny (as were lots of other siblings in the audience).

And I should say that, despite my new Flip HD with image stabilization, it does not keep me from wandering while I film.

And lastly, I must say that we are pretty impressed with Eliza Grace's short violin solo from "Allegro." We have definitely heard screechier versions, so hang in there because she ends well :)

Ok, well, with that really impressive/scary introduction, here's the video!

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