Thursday, March 24, 2011

Son, Let Me Show You How It's Done.

Nearly every male Hoosier I have had the pleasure to meet has an underlying trait of avoiding complicating a basic task while finding a way to have fun doing it.

Scott is certainly no exception.

Sometimes actions taken with this approach can defy conventional wisdom. However, simplicity, efficiency and the every popular "that was cool!" factor often over shadow alternative, "smarter" methods.

Scott is working diligently to instill this quality in our son.

Thus, when it was decided that we should remove the overgrown sticker bushes by our mailbox, Scott took the opportunity to show Will how to keep it simple....and still use a big 'ol V8.

(And please forgive my senior moment when I could not come up with the right words for "rear back up sensor").


Rodney said...

Do all Hoosier men have such sexy legs? :)

Jacque said...

Of COURSE they do, Rodney - you know that!