Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Scott's Green Thumb

This past weekend Scott decided he wanted to put in a raised garden.

You can take the Hoosier out of Indiana, but you cannot keep him from wanting to grow things!

Will, who spent the morning as a pirate in pajamas, decided he needed to lend a hand once he realized that tools were involved.
However, his help was short lived because, come on, it was sunny and the swing set was right there!
So Scottie finished the build himself...
hauled way too much top soil (because all we have naturally is red clay and sand)...
planted his lettuce and strawberries...
and protected it all from the many families of rabbits that live in the thickets and woods in our backyard.
What you cannot see are the approximately 12 other planters scattered on and around our decks which are sprouting his other veggies and herbs: tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, oregano, etc.

Thank you, Scott, for all your hard work! We cannot wait to taste the fruits (and veggies and herbs) of your labor!

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