Saturday, March 5, 2011

Space, The Final Frontier...

Will's preschool class has been studying outer space, celestial bodies and the space shuttle over the last 2 weeks.

I do believe this has been his favorite topic at school all year. His teachers agree, as they shared that he has been far more attentive during the lessons than he has been most of the year :)

They made a variety of space related crafts:
a picture of Saturna paper towel tube star gazer a rendering of our solar system (note, objects are not as close as they appear, nor are they in any particular order!)
and created their own moon rocks.
They also learned a song to help them remember the names of the planets in order of distance from the sun.

I asked Will if he would sing it for me on camera and he conceded once I convinced him that he would want to show it to his kids someday. Gotta do whatever works!

Perhaps we have a burgeoning astronomer or astronaut on our hands!

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