Saturday, May 25, 2013 Pullen Park

Pullen Park, Raleigh, NC.

First, we climb.
This is the girl who used to have a huge fear 
of heights.  OT + maturity = bye bye fear!
"Look Mommy!  I'm a fly caught in a web!"
 Then we get sandy and wet.
See that little girl to the left of EG?  Oh my, what a little bossy pants!  You can see it on her face.  Thankfully, Eliza Grace just ignored her :)
 Then we patiently wait to spin.
 Will chose the pig.
 EG chose a cat.
Then, even though I told them they were waaaay too old, they did the boats.  They're now convinced they are too old, since both of them had trouble fitting in the seats!
  Lastly, we ride the train.
 Definitely a Saturday well spent at the park.

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