Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hey you, with the face...

Me - "Eliza Gracie"
Eliza Grace - "Yes, mommy?"
Me - "Come over here and give me some sugar, my little blue-eyed, freckle-faced girl."

Eliza Grace - "Heeeey, who are you calling freckle-faced?"
Me - "Well, I'm not talking to Will. If I were, I would say 'Come over here and give me some sugar, my green-eyed, sweaty-faced boy'."

Will - "Huh?"
Eliza Grace - "Heeey - are you making fun of me??"
Me - "Are you kidding me? The only reason I ever look tan is because all of my freckles (NOT age spots, by the way!) merge together to make me look darker! I would never make fun of you or your freckles, sweetie!"

Will - "Do I have freckles, Mommy"
Me - "Well, you have a couple here and there that are really kissable. But you have Daddy's skin, lucky boy, which means that you tan beautifully and will never need Botox."

Will - "Plus, I am really cute - see?"
Eliza Grace - "Hey, I'm really cute too!"

Me - " Yes, you are both really cute. And remember, Eliza Grace, a wise person once said, 'a face without freckles is like a night without stars'."
Eliza Grace - "Yeah, I like that one."

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