Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Songs I Sing to My Babies-In My Favorite Dream

This one hails from yet another Disney movie, Fun and Fancy Free, specifically Mickey & The Beanstalk.
In the story, the golden harp is stolen by Willie, the giant. At one point, the harp sings the giant to sleep so that Mickey can steal the key to the box where his friends (Goofy & Donald Duck) have been captured - thus the odd ending to the song as she directs Mickey to where the key is. Everyone on the web must be petrified of Disney lawyers, because I could not find a snippet of the song out there anywhere. But, here are the lyrics:
In my favorite dreamEveryone is so delightfulNo one's mean or spitefulIn my favorite dream

Yes, and in my favorite dreamThere my heart can go romancingDancing to a heavenly theme

But there's something else I look forward to
It's a secret, but here's a clue
He's my favorite you-know-who
You're the hero of my most favorite dream
In his right vest pocket you'll find the key
The right vest pocket, go carefully

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