Monday, October 12, 2009

Songs I Sing to My Babies-Baby Mine

My very favorite Disney movie ever is Dumbo.

The first time I saw Dumbo, I cried all during the scene when Dumbo goes to visit his Mother while she is locked up in the "Mad Elephant" cage. When Mrs. Jumbo takes her trunk and lovingly caresses Dumbo's head and he snuggles against her - sigh, it is just full of sweet and tender motherly love.

The song playing during that scene is Baby Mine. And I decided long ago that Baby Mine would be my special lullaby I would sing to my children. Eliza Grace heard that song nearly every day before she was born, and nearly every day since.

So all you mommies, grab a tissue and watch it again below.
Besides the original Disney version, two of my very favorite renditions are by two of my favorite singers. Enjoy!

Baby Mine - Bette Midler
Baby Mine - Alison Krauss

TRIVIA TIME: Dumbo is the only Disney movie main character that never speaks!

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