Friday, December 17, 2010

Bouncing Around

Yesterday's horse back riding camp was canceled for Eliza Grace due to inclement weather (wow, I sort of sound like a weather girl!)

So what's a girl to do with a day off this close to Christmas? Why help Mommy shop at the mall, of course, where she can also ride the carousel and blow allowance money on an indoor bungee-jumpy-thingy.

Back in October, she did the jumper at the fair and could never figure out how to do a front flip. Turns out that because of the kind of harness they rig you in (and the fact that she is a little bit of a thing) she could never had done a front flip.

This time she decided to do the next best thing.

I love that my kid trusts me and will try just about anything new, even if she is scared or nervous. As she was getting strapped in she asked if I thought she could do a back flip and I told her that of course she could, all she had to do was get up high and throw her legs over her head.

And she did!

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