Monday, December 20, 2010

Tears & Laughter & Holding Hands

Last Friday, Will's preschool class had their Christmas sing and holiday party. Unlike his sister, Will does not exactly enjoy being in the spotlight.

As soon as the teachers asked the kids to stand up to sing, he immediately burst into tears. Miss Chrissie, bless her sweet heart (and I mean that!) spent a good 5 minutes trying to comfort him. She told him that she, Mommy & Daddy and Jesus all love him and Jesus did not give him a heart of fear.
Wiping away that last tear and trying to be brave
And when that did not work, she conceded and let him stand next to his best buddy Gabe - typically not allowed in these situations as they tend to get a little a rowdy together :)
And all is well now that he got to hold Gabe's hand
for support - thank goodness for good friends!
I love these kinds of things because the kids are all so unpredictable and adorable, even the ones like mine that go from nervous tears to holding his buddy's hand for comfort to vigorously scratching his bottom right there in front of everyone to giving shout outs to friends in the audience to dancing and generally being silly.

Obviously he survived and finished with a smile.

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