Friday, December 31, 2010

Dippin' Some Dots

I took the kids to ToysRUs today so they could spend some of their Christmas cash.

I was fairly impressed with the thought and consideration each displayed when choosing how they would spend their money.

I told them they could buy what they wanted however I did make a few strategic comments designed to sway them away from a few toys I knew would drive me crazy :)

That kind of thing works pretty well with Will (he left the store with two items and money still in his pocket) but Eliza Grace is a little more determined in this area (she also left with two items but had to finagle a two-week advance on her allowance to get what she really wanted).

All this is to say that earlier this evening we were doing this:
Eliza Grace chose to buy a Dippin' Dots kit. In her mind, it was the best of two worlds: a craft project that you can eat!

We used the cotton candy flavored packet for the first batch and then moved on to using our own root beer for the second.
After 90 minutes in the freezer, the frozen treats were ready.
Apparently mixing cotton candy and root beer dots is pretty tasty!

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