Monday, June 20, 2011

It Started in High School

My love of cemeteries.

Salem Academy, my high school, is situated right beside God's Acre, Home Moravian church's cemetery in Old Salem.
It is, in a word, peaceful.

One of the most peaceful places I've ever been. Row upon row of square, white marble stones so neatly laid.

On warm Fall and Spring days I used to take my books and do my homework sitting in an older section among more traditional monuments and vaults. Some were simple and others, very ornate. Of course, I always did this during the day light hours so it never seemed creepy or weird. Just peaceful.

Charleston, South Carolina has more than its fair share of historic churches and thus, more than its fair share of really old cemeteries. When I walk past one, I just have to go in and walk around. I always try to find the oldest marker that is still legible.

This time I stopped to take pictures behind Second Presbyterian Church and the oldest I found was a birth date of 1829.

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