Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Neurotic? Sure. But At Least It's Entertaining!

Let me start with a little back story: When we first brought Chewie home we set out Lucy's old stainless steel food and water bowls for him to use.

He had no trouble with the water bowl and dove right in. But when we put food in the other dish, he freaked out. We weren't sure if it was the reflection of the food in the bowl or if it was the noise that the food made when he moved it around inside the bowl that bothered him.

Whatever it was, he seemed too scared to put his face in the bowl and eat. We coaxed and prodded but he would not eat out of that bowl. So we grabbed one of the kids plastic cereal bowls and that worked just fine.

Then, yesterday morning, Eliza Grace found the metal food bowl in the pantry and asked if I thought Chewie had gotten over his problem with the bowl. I said yes, he probably had, so she switched out the bowls and then we left to take her to camp.

Fast forward to last evening: Scott and I passed each other in the neighborhood, he coming home from work and me heading out to get the kids. Through the car window I asked him to go ahead and feed Chewie and start dinner when he got inside.

When I got home with the kids, Scott greeted me by saying, "This has been great entertainment. Did you do it on purpose?" Since it was obvious I had no clue what he was talking about, he handed me the video camera to show what he had been watching for the past 15 minutes or so.

Suffice it to say, Chewie is obviously still freaked out by the metal food bowl. And instead of just feeding the poor, hungry, pleading dog, Scott, being male, simply video taped Chewie neurotically barking and dragging the food mat holding the evil bowl.

So we went back to the pink plastic bowl and Chewie is happy and well fed. And, yes, Scott was right, neurotic dogs are pretty entertaining.

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