Thursday, November 19, 2009

2nd Time Is The Charm?

Well, Will has done it again.

He broke his collar bone for the first time during his delivery. Suggestion: never deliver your child's head, shoulder, arm and hand at the exact same moment -I still hear that "pop" sound in my head every now and again.

So now, thanks to a fall from the playground monkey bars, we have another collar bone break, on the same side, but this time nearer to his shoulder.

The good news? It was just his collar bone, praise the Lord, which will heal quickly and he is in little pain unless he moves his left arm/shoulder. If he does move it, he shrieks in pain. The bad news? My baby fell and is in pain!

Will's penchant for getting hurt enough to visit the ER is starting to become a little too routine for my comfort. In his nearly four years, (birthday next Monday!), we have gotten x-rays of his hand (someone stepped on it and his fingers swelled), his leg (he fell and was limping for a couple of days), his foot (another monkey bar spill), his chest (twice - once during allergic reaction to tree nuts and now for the broken collar bone) and his shoulder (collar bone).

It seems each time the injury is a little bit more severe and I for one am ready for this trend to stop! The truth of the matter is that he is actually very coordinated but I think because he is, he tends to take a few more risks than a more cautious child.

And on the bright side, we get to eat up more of our health care flexible spending dollars that we would otherwise lose at the end of the year...whoopie!
Waiting to go to radiology. Note how his left shoulder droops a bit.

Brave boy Popsicle time

"Sling boy" ready to head home

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kris said...

Oh my word! Boys--you can't keep 'em down!