Friday, November 13, 2009

Thrift Store Finds!

I wandered into Goodwill this week hoping to find some jeans for both Eliza Grace and Will because, for goodness sake, these kids tear holes in the knees of nearly every pair they have WAY before they outgrow them!

Anyhoo, having no luck finding jeans in their sizes, I wandered over to the tchatchke wall just to browse. And I saw these two lovely little craftsman-style lanterns:

Fabulous, aren't they? They even came with the candles - $4 each! I am pretty sure I have seen something similar at Pottery Barn or Pier One for $30+ each. Score for me!

I then continued to wander and stumbled upon these absolutely adorable Christmas plates. A series of 12, each plate depicts each day from the "On the First Day of Christmas" song. They are so cute and I really love the detail. Here, let me show them to you - in order of course:

"On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me....
"A partridge in a pear tree"
(Closer view so you can see the detail)
"Two turtle doves"
"Three French hens"
"Four colly birds"
That's right, "colly birds" not "calling birds." Never knew that I was singing it incorrectly! The word 'colly' literally means 'black as coal,' and thus 'colly birds' would be blackbirds. And now, perhaps you have learned your "something new" for today!
Altogether now: "Fiiiiiiiive gold rings"

"Six geese a-laying"

"Seven swans a-swimming"
"Eight maids a-milking"
"Nine ladies dancing"
(A close up because it's my favorite)
"Ten lords a-leaping"
"Eleven pipers piping"
"Twelve drummers drumming"

Did I mention that they were .79 cents each?! Score for me again! My friend Kris Stoner will be so proud of me :)

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kris said...

Your friend is So JEALOUS!