Monday, November 23, 2009

Four Years Old Today!

Dear Will,

Today you are four!

It is utterly amazing how time can whiz right by. And here we are - we have had you in our lives for four whole years!

We've weathered those first ten months of constant spit-up, several bouts of croup, too many visits to the ER, anaphylaxis (darn those tree nuts), several bouts of hives (darn those tree nuts and penicillin), too many x-rays for various injuries, plenty of scraped knees and more than enough stomach bugs. Whew!

But all of the above absolutely pales in comparison to the untold number of hours of running and playing and laughing and giggling and tickling and questioning and understanding and learning and loving and pure joy, love and happiness that you have brought into our family.

From the day you were born we could not imagine our lives without you in it.

Happy birthday, our sweet, big boy Willby. We cannot wait to see what the next year brings!

Love, Mommy, Daddy and Eliza Grace

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