Monday, November 23, 2009

Sling Boy Birthday - Part 2

Tonight we celebrated Will's birthday as a family. I did a bit of decorating in the continuing pirate theme - it is amazing what one can do with crepe paper and pirate themed napkins!

We had the usual fare - sliced cucumbers, mini penne pasta, and bread dipped in olive oil with spices. We have to watch our fingers with the bread because the kids mop up the oil and spices with the bread so fast we could draw back a nub if we are not careful!

We finished it all up with cupcakes and a treasure hunt to find Will's presents. It was a fun family evening to be sure. Which begs the question as to why Will melted down around 8:30 into inconsolable tears and frustration. Perhaps it was too much attention, too many new things to play with, the down side of a butter cream icing high? I am fairly certain it was a combination of all three.

But now my baby - my FOUR YEAR OLD baby - is lying in his bed, hopefully having wonderful Veggie Tale pirate ship dreams.

Wow, my own treasure map!

1st mate, Eliza Grace, helping to find the X that marks the spot.

No, its just your imagination. I mean what kind of mother would use 3 day old cupcakes from her child's school party for his family party? (hee,hee - just call me the frugal gourmet!)"I wish for a Veggie Tales pirate ship!"
I got my wish!

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