Sunday, November 1, 2009

Two Pirates, Velma and Them Bones

Halloween was a 2 day affair this year. On Friday, Will's school had a costume parade and carnival that was loads of fun.

Then we carefully de-costumed to be ready for the real thing the next day. Saturday started out rainy but the evening was dry and nearly 70 degrees as we hit the streets.

The Duseks joined us for dinner and Trick or Treating. Will decided at the last minute that he would be brave this year and actually ring some bells instead of sitting on the stoop and handing out candy. Of course, Scott and George handled giving candy out quite nicely - it was something you could easily do while holding a beer!

Speaking of, one neighbor offered grown up treats - a fridge with 6 built in taps to taste their home brew! Too bad Scott and George were at our house holding down the fort.

Here are a few pics from the evening. Eliza Grace received the most comments for her costume by far!

Arrg...Capt'n Spooky!
Jinkees - it's Velma!

The gang heading to collect their treats

We're done...dig in!Oh, and remember, Mama Q gets all the Whoppers.
Right kids? Kids? Right?

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