Friday, November 27, 2009


Eliza Grace is a nut. And it is not just me that thinks so. I have heard those exact same words from many people who have met her. She completely cracks us up without really trying to. I think it is her commentary and ingenuity that is sometimes surprising and so is funny.

She has this combination of adult-like linguistics and 7-year old silliness, with a heaping helping of creativity thrown in.

She has a particular penchant for creating things out of paper. Lots of paper. I have to limit her or she could go through a ream in a week. She writes books - lately they are Scooby Doo mysteries - complete with illustrations, title pages, indexes and binding (usually tape, ribbon, staples or a combination of all three). She makes costumes, games, and stuffed animals that she calls e-Factory Friends. And paper is not her only medium.

Yesterday, while waiting for her aunt and cousin to arrive for the Thanksgiving meal, she occupied herself by creating napkins rings, a table center piece and a game called "Pin the Waddle on the Turkey." Lastly, she decorated herself as a Thanksgiving turkey.

The kid is a nut. A creative, smart, silly and amazing nut. And man how we love her so!
Homemade napkin rings made from a paper towel tube, aluminum foil and a sticker

Turkey center piece, obviously made from a toilet paper tube.

Pin the waddle on the turkey!

Our nutty turkey, complete with waddle,
tail feathers and colored feet!

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