Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sew & Stuff

Eliza Grace is the craft queen. She loves all kinds of craft kits.

Paint your own sun catcher.

Make your own stepping stone.

Color your own pillow case.

Bead your own necklace.

Paint your own Easter cross.

We have done so many I have lost track.

Last Saturday we bought a couple of Build-A-Bear home kits from Jo-Ann Fabrics. Did you know that September is National Sewing Month? Neither did I.

Anyhoo, the kits were on sale (bonus!) so we got one for both Eliza Grace and her brother and I promised that we would tackle our new projects after church the next day.

Eliza Grace's prayer that night included, "...and Lord Jesus, I cannot wait until after church to make my cute little puppy that Mommy promised that she would help me with." Nice the way she threw in the pseudo-guilt piece to remind me of my commitment.

So after church (I was graciously allowed time to use the bathroom first), we launched into the projects with vigor.

Thankfully the animal heads were pre-sewn otherwise there is no telling how much I would have botched that up. Eyes would have been cattywompus and ears would have likely ended up on the backs of their heads.

Given that I am driven to finish a project but not always driven to read all of the instructions first, I missed the little gem about leaving the (for lack of a better way of saying it) crotch area un-sewn so we could stuff from that area and the whip stitching would be better hidden.

Needless-to-say, Will's bear's arm looks like he has had major surgery after what could have been a shrapnel wound. I call him Franken-Bear. Thankfully, Eliza Grace's looks a little less abused.

Regardless, they both love their own creations very much and we had a great time putting them together.

Will was more into decorating his bear's
visor than actually sewing him up.
Eliza Grace did a great job sewing her puppy.
Will fully embraced the stuffing activity. "The fluff feels all tickle-y!"
Daddy helped stuff, too.
Eliza Grace looks like she is helping her puppy give birth. Perhaps a future as an obstetrician?
Franken-bear lives!
The stuffing makes it look like she is waving. Hi, puppy!
Proud of their own creations.

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