Saturday, September 25, 2010

'66 + '67 x '88 / '93 = 17 years

December 6, 1966: (Pittsburgh, PA) Jacqueline Marlowe Cavanagh is born.
(So yes, ok, I admit that I was born in PA. However, given that my family moved back to North Carolina when I was two plus the fact that I grew up to attend and graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill essentially negates those first two years rendering me therefore a true North Carolina native...who happens to be a bit of a Steelers fan.)

Me: Blond with naturally curly hair - what happened?
And why did someone allow me to put a death grip on that poor cat?

April 8, 1967: (Lafayette, IN) Stefan Scott Hughes is born.

Apparently Scott has always been a snazzy dresser.

May 18, 1988: (Lake Buena Vista, FL) Jacque Cavanagh arrives on Villa De Costa Drive, knocks on an apartment door and says, "Hi! Holly told me to come here and ask for someone named Scott Hughes to see if I can sleep on the couch in the girl's apartment. Is he here? Oh, he is already at the Magic Kingdom working on the Davey Crockett Explorer Canoes? Ok, well will you tell him that Jacque stopped by and needs to talk to him?"

Scottie doing his spiel entertaining folks while they paddle a 2000 pound free floating canoe around the Rivers of America.
May 23, 1988: (Lake Buena Vista, FL) For the first time, Scott Hughes speaks directly to Jacque Cavanagh (who cranes her neck to see past his sternum) asking her, " You 21 yet?"

September 25, 1993:
(Winston-Salem, NC) Scott and Jacque walk down the aisle in a small ceremony attended by close friends and family. At the reception, the new Mrs. Hughes manages to say typically embarrassing things like, "Thank you all for being here. This has been a long time in coming!"
Ah, so young and unwrinkled!

September 25, 2010:
(Cary, NC) Scott and Jacque enjoy their 17th wedding anniversary on a quiet Saturday hanging out with their kids and doing household chores.

Not particularly glamorous, but absolutely worth celebrating!

Happy number 17, Scottie!

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