Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Trip(s) of Insanity

Remember that time I said I was trying to be more spontaneous with our kids? It sort of came back to bite me.

About a week before our already planned South Carolina beach vacation, Scott suggested that we add a quick two day jaunt down to Walt Disney World. I thought, "Sure, why not?" I've always marveled at how other (larger) families could pack up and head out with little notice or planning and wished I could be more like that.

So Scottie made the necessary arrangements and after one night at the beach, we hopped in the car and headed to Orlando.We spent one night at the Hilton (free with Scott's Hilton points!!) in Downtown Disney, where we swam, had a wonderful dinner at Ragland Road Irish pub and wandered the shops.

The next day we checked into the Polynesian Resort - room rates were half off people, half off!We rocked in hammocks.
Slid down water slides.
Then headed to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.
Darth Vader and Hermione on Main Street USA
(costumes were abbreviated due to the heat!)
Perfect time of the year to go to Disney, by the way. We walked right onto every - EVERY - ride. We road Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and many other rides a couple of times.

And, of course, we went through the Haunted Mansion a time or two, where this lovely Southern ghost was in residence just for the Halloween party.
She noticed that Eliza Grace was in Hogwarts/Gryffindor garb and told the crowd that "Nearly Headless Nick visits the Haunted Mansion often." Eliza Grace was thrilled!

We did not leave the parks until after the 10:30 PM parade, complete with headless horseman, was over. This meant that the four of us went from 7:00 AM to after midnight, with no more than a 30 minute respite in between.

It did, however, have one unfortunate side effect for poor Will: car sickness.

In the past, we have driven as long as nine hours straight with no issues. But I think this time the combination of too much activity, not enough sleep, too much sun, and not the healthiest food choices did not help the situation.

At one point Scott and I both thought maybe he had a bug because the anti-nausea meds we gave him a couple of times during the six hour drive had no effect whatsoever. However, within 10 minutes of being out of the car he was back to normal with a big appetite so we knew that this was definitely motion sickness.

Thankfully we were able to enjoy the next four glorious days at the beach with absolutely perfect weather.

We did give Will Dramamine before we headed back to NC and, other than him being a little loopy, he had no issues at all.

Dramamine has now been added to my list of "never leave home without" items along with Benedryl and the EpiPen.

Yes, we had a blast.

Yes, I am glad we were spontaneous and went to Disney.

And yes, it was a bit insane.

A friend said the insanity really just proved that we are still young and spry.

I am going with that.

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